Oliver Norvel Hardy was born on January 18, 1892 in Harlem, Georgia.

Non Laurel and Hardy works

In 1914, he wrote and starred in the movie Outwitting Dad. The movie was an instant success.

In 1915, he joined a movie company called Lubin. When he was in Lubin, he wrote, and starred in 50 short films.

Afterwards, he joined a movie company called Jackonsville, however, he foud out that most of Jackonsville's money was stolen, so he quit his job.

Between 1918 and 1923, he stared in an unnamed TV shoow with 40 episodes. He played a heavy.

In 1925, he played the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. Later that year he played Jimmy Finlayson in the movie Yes, Yes Nannette.

In 1926, he got the job as an actor in the movie Get 'Em Young. But, he had an accident while cooking a leg of lamb, which meant that he was in hospital for the filming of the movie.


By 1957, Hardy had suffered with cancer, stroke and a coma. His body couldn't keep up with it and so he died, aged 65. Stan Laurel was extremely sick, and couldn't attend the funeral.