Scram! is a 1932 Laurel and Hardy film directed by Ray McCarey.


Ordered out of town by angry Judge Beaumont, vagrants Stanley and Oliver meet a congenial drunk on their way out who invites them to stay at his luxurious mansion. The drunk can't find his key, but the boys find a way in through the window. The drunk man tells Laurel and Hardy to make themselves at home, and they pick a bedroom to sleep in, putting on the owner's pajamas. The drunkard fills a vase with gin and carries it upstairs, sending a surprised woman inside into a faint. Laurel and Hardy revive her with what they think is water, but is actually gin, and all get tipsy in the process. Outside, the drunk realizes he's at the wrong house and stumbles off. Eventually, the real homeowner arrives, none other than Judge Beaumont, staring on with mounting rage as Laurel and Hardy have a drunken laughing fit with his wife in her bedroom. Laurel and Hardy see him, and panic, turning the light off, leaving it to the audience's imagination what physical punishment he puts them through.